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Operations360 is a pioneer in providing globally recognized trainings to professionals that enable the participants to grow in their respective careers. Our core philosophy is to achieve business excellence through innovative, out of the box, dynamic, robust  and customized solutions. We believe that  solutions to many of our business problems lie within the workforce itself and our expertise is to assist them in exposing their hidden talents and achieving their true potential

Our key specialization areas are Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering, ISO certifications, Six Sigma and Project Management and Human resource management.  Our mode of trainings is highly flexible and designed to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness. These include inhouse& onsite trainings that are professionally designed to suit each client’s unique requirements.


True to our philosophy we not only preach innovation but also practice it ourselves. Our inhouse developed Exam simulation software has achieved highest accolades from participants in the past and so far our result in the prestigious PMP exam has been 100%. Thisis one of a kind mock exam simulator. 

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